Coloring — unplug from a wired world

If you find it difficult to unplug, and just the idea of being un-wired makes your blood pressure rise, help is here.


As kids, who didn’t sit for hours with crayons spread out on the table? We loved coloring because it was fun. Moms loved it because while we were coloring, we were quiet — most of the time. Now we’re all “grown up” and life sure is more complicated, but as millions of adults have re-discovered, coloring is still fun!

unplug, unwin& create

Inkspirations are coloring books designed for adults! We’ve filled the pages with sophisticated illustrations and word art, with thought-provoking messages. They are the perfect antidote for this wired world. Coloring with Inkspirations calms the mind and takes you to a place where time and space seem to disappear. It’s yoga for the mind! So, fill those silent, unplugged minutes by putting pencil, marker or gel pen to paper. Forget the day’s troubles and those nagging worries. You’ll find yourself relaxed, at peace, and best of all, you’ll have something beautiful to show for the time you unplugged.

We invite you to enjoy some of the artwork created by Inkspirations fans in our Art Gallery and to learn more about the books in our Inkspirations series.

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