All day long emails come in from bloggers. Reporters write me about their latest coloring stories. Everyone wants to know about the current coloring craze. Why are people smitten by this past time once relegated exclusively to children. How are the Inkspirations coloring books for adults different? The coloring didn’t end when I left work. After my rush hour nightmare drive on  I-95, most days when I got home, my biggest decision was: gel pens or pencils? I’d bring my supplies onto my terrace or clear a space on the dining room table. Unwinding this way was ideal. (Better than wine? Maybe not, but the two go great together.) Then, unexpectedly, I was told I had a month to move from the apartment I rent. The landlord was selling. So, my after work schedule got filled with boxes to fill up. Moving preparations took over and my creative outlet took a back seat. May I just have a momentary vent here and tell you: I miss my coloring books!

You know the expression, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone? I think Joni Mitchell sang those words in her classic “Big Yellow Taxi.” (Ah, I imagine coloring that taxi with my many yellow pens and markers.) Coloring has had more positive effects on my day to day routine than I expected or realized. It calms me down. Makes me less reactive. Less likely to bite off my fiance’s head (lol) should his hour drive to me exceed the normal schedule. I can watch TV and feel less guilty when I color. Summer Olympics and coloring made for very full evenings. I miss them already. Hey, I’m doing something productive and unproductive simultaneously. It works.

How has coloring – hopefully with the Inkspirations line of coloring books – changed your day? Has it changed your life? Did an inner artist emerge that you didn’t know was in there? We’d love to hear some of your coloring stories. Even better, we’d love to see some of your coloring pages. How about it?

From the musings in my head, let it be known, I miss my coloring books! Can’t wait to settle in to my new place and bring out the Inkspirations book.   I’ve got pages working in the Animal Kingdom and have almost completely filled Happy Heart

That reminds me I better box them up with the words COLORING BOOKS written in red all over them. Easily accessible! I can only imagine the stress on the other end of this moving odyssey. Post-move prescription: daily doses of exercise, deep breathing, and my beloved coloring pages.

Until next time. Get Inkspired!




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