Are you hooked on coloring, but looking for new inspiration? Or has it been a while since you picked up a crayon, colored pencil or gel pen? Carve out some time for yourself and tap into your creative energy with InkspirationsAs you color, each page comes alive as a celebration of the beauty that is all around you.


Even though coloring is an enjoyable solo activity, the more, the merrier. Invite some friends over to color with you. De-stress through the day with a lunchtime coloring group at work. Become part of a vibrant online community sharing finished artwork and tips. You’ll find Inkspirations on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, Instagram and YouTube.



Expressing ourselves creatively is good for the soul. It allows us to play and to reconnect with parts of ourselves that are pure joy. Use Inkspirations as an outlet to inspire you to create art that will be as unique and beautiful as you are. Explore and develop your own artistic voice by experimenting with color and shapes.